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Dec 23, 2011

Film Swap Trek

Vignette: Motorworks by SquarePegPinhole
There is a pinholer who lives in Seattle. His stuff is good. He goes by J.Sod on his Flickr account. We started discussing doing a film swap. That's where one person shoots a roll of film and then sends it to another photographer to shoot again, thus creating a roll of disparate double exposures. Today I went out and shot my roll. I plan to mail it to him in the next week. He plans to shoot one next week to send to me. I shot these pictures today with my phone while waiting for my pinholes to expose (each pinhole was 1-2 minutes long).

The photo above and below (Watertower) were taking at Marathon Moror Works near downtown Nashville. Nashville used to build cars. Marathon cars, specifically. This is part of the original Marathon Motor Works factory. According to Wikipedia, Marathon started in 1889 making engines and boilers. They built cars from 1911-1914. It was the only car manufactured in Nashville, proper. Only eight of the cars are known to exist today.

This train sat on the tracks while I shot the Marathon factory. When I was leaving the engineer asked me about my camera and whether I ever took photos of trains. I explained that the only trains I'd shot were moving, which don't come out well in pinholes. I asked if I could take a photo of the engine from the rails in front. He said sure. While I waited for the pinhole (about a minute), I shot this on my Droid.

The final photo is located in Nashville's Centennial Park. There are several of these mid-century modern concrete benches. They allow four people to sit, one on each end facing in one direction, the two in the middle facing the opposite direction. They are my all-time favorite benches. I wish I owned one. I remember spending about an hour as a teen with my friend Pete and a girl (I can't remember who) sitting on one of these things. Pete and I were on the ends, the poor, poor girl in the middle. Why poor...well, we sat and told her jokes for that whole hour. Bad jokes. "Hey, Pete, do you smoke after sex?" "I don't know, Herschel, I've never looked." Really bad jokes.
Vignette: Marathon by SquarePegPinhole
Vignette: Stock by SquarePegPinhole
Vignette: Bench by SquarePegPinhole

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