Jan 11, 2020

Don't BS

It's been three years since I last posted. At some point after that I went through the blog and turned all posts to unpublished.

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was a pinholer anymore. Honestly,  I didn't know if I was still an amateur photographer. Honestly, I quit everything creative. Honestly, I quit me.

There's no deep soul searching here in this post. I've been so busy trying to make others happy that I forgot to make myself happy.

I'm creative and I love sharing that creativity.

So, with that, I'm knocking the rust off my creative self and this site.

There is a park in Nashville, my hometown, that I visited for the first time recently. It's small, woody, hilly, wet, and filled with tiny pieces of art and junk and artsy junk.

I shot a few images with a Vermeer 6x17 curved plane camera I purchased secondhand  quite a while ago. It's a new camera for me and I haven't shot pinhole in a year or two...excuses.  Regardless, here are a couple of shots.

Fairy house, Portra 400, about 5 minutes
Springhouse Tree, Portra 400, about 5 minutes
Phone shot of my Vermeer in action, and yes, that's a tripod (I was so brash in my youth with my whole "real pinholers don't tripod"). 

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  1. Hi just found your blog, and I'm glad you've chosen to continue writing it, too many alternative photography sites have quit in the last ten years or so. I also got back into film photography a couple of months ago after a long hiatus. To me also it seems to have a lot to do with some deep soul searching. Keep it up!!