Feb 5, 2020

Card Catalog

I spent the evening creating. Not creating well, but it's a start.

I dug out a pinhole camera I made several years ago using an Impossible Project Instant Lab. I charged it up and loaded it with a pack of year-old Polaroid 600 BW film. 

I set the rig up on an old library card catalog. Light meter suggested ~2 minutes. I increased by half to cover reciprocity failure. It wasn't enough time. My first shot was under exposed. All that was visible was the center drawer and the light leak. 

My second shot (the one here) was 9 minutes. It probably could have done with a couple of extra minutes. And I need to fix that light leak. 

Creating tonight has helped soothe my heart a bit. I hope those bits increase as I continue to create more. 

Shooting using Impossible
Project Instant Lab Pinhole

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