Sep 2, 2020

Time Dies During a Pandemic

 I swear I posted here yesterday, but apparently yesterday was April 27. Time dies during a pandemic. 

I've been focused on a couple of project ideas. One, dealing with cyanotype, has hit a snag but that's fine. I'll work on it more once real-life work eases a bit. 

The other is capturing how we, as Americans, display the flag. There's zero commentary, it really is as simple as that. Making this series is easier: I can capture as I have time (been working on it for years, I realized recently), or just happen to have a camera on me. If I see a flag I want to shoot, but don't have a camera, I make a note (they used to be mental notes, but I've switched to using Google Keep so I don't have to rely on my aging brain) to go back and shoot it later. 

Here are a few so far. All were shot using a Reality-So-Subtle 6x6 and Fuji Velvia 50 film:

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