Sep 2, 2020

Time Dies During a Pandemic

 I swear I posted here yesterday, but apparently yesterday was April 27. Time dies during a pandemic. 

I've been focused on a couple of project ideas. One, dealing with cyanotype, has hit a snag but that's fine. I'll work on it more once real-life work eases a bit. 

The other is capturing how we, as Americans, display the flag. There's zero commentary, it really is as simple as that. Making this series is easier: I can capture as I have time (been working on it for years, I realized recently), or just happen to have a camera on me. If I see a flag I want to shoot, but don't have a camera, I make a note (they used to be mental notes, but I've switched to using Google Keep so I don't have to rely on my aging brain) to go back and shoot it later. 

Here are a few so far. All were shot using a Reality-So-Subtle 6x6 and Fuji Velvia 50 film:

1 comment:

  1. As a U.K. dweller I have been constantly drawn to the stars and strips on our trips to the USA.
    Photographed them constantly with Holga and SX70 so really pleased to see this.
    Great start and love to see more